De mooiste gedichten van de HAN Huntu Poetry Night

Gisteravond hield de HAN Huntu-community, voor en door Caribische studenten aan de HAN, een Poetry Night-workshop in Arnhem. Aanleiding was de Nederlandse Poëzieweek, die afgelopen week gehouden werd. Een paar studenten delen hun gedichten met SAM.

Mirror mirror, tell me the truth,
Is my reflection really that crude.
Images of a girl too young to understand,
But a woman that alone should stand.

Mirror mirror, tell me the truth,
Operations may enhance my youth,
But it won’t help my mental health.
So I move through life with precision and stealth.

Mirror mirror, tell me the truth,
Can I really find myself in the darkness.
Rebuild myself during the madness.
And rise up like a phoenix from ashes.

– Gabi –

Screaming with no sound, screaming so loud
Scream your heart out, just scream and shout
Screaming helps me, screaming fixes me
Don’t know what I would do, if I couldn’t scream
So let me scream, let me shout
Let me cry my heart out
Screaming is powerful and it might just save me
So let me scream, let me scream

– Juthi –

He came to see me…
Little stranger.
A breeze of warmth into my room
– like I could almost say I know him.

…A stranger in my room.

My body was completely sober
– my thoughts were dreadfully drunk.
I tried to sip some power
– my slender hand was holding on that cup.

A stranger came into my mind
– he pushed my cup of power
… the end of joyful life.

This stranger – I could swear I knew him.
A perfect visage
– not so warming heart.

He came to bowl me over –
so I could not attempt to stand.
I used to feel so treasured
– now I am just an object to collect.

The stranger – far away in presence
…sorely stamped into the entity of who I represent.

A vivid and deceitful fraction
– of times that no one understands.

He is standing still – the stranger
…not so strange enough.
Taking all that power I was willing to give up.

– A. M. –

Art, a language, one that connects us all.
Sadness, a feeling, one who each of us must feel.
Light, love, kindness. A feeling we all long for.

And anger, the one we fear.

I paint the skies red. With love? With anger? I do not know.

I sit in a corner in the dark.
I’m afraid, what would they think of me?
Here she goes again. Always talking about; something hurts, this ain’t fair. She has no reason to be angry. She is too much. I can’t deal with her anymore.

A mask of jou, is an unnecessary bandage I got so used to.
It hides, protect, conceal not letting me feel.
Or does it.

I sit in a corner in the dark.
Why, what is wrong with you? Why are you like this. I shed a tear.

Then I smile. That makes it all go away. No one needs to know. No one should see us like this. So dramatic. What would they think of us.

With each canvas a story she said. A story. Something to share. something to feel. Not to concealed or what’s the point.
One stroke after the next. I pour making space for more. More? I don’t know. More!

I’m happy, content, sometimes. With my people I don’t have to hide. I am angry, I am sad. But we laugh as well.

Red, blue, yellow, green, purple white and grey. Colors of my soul. Not all pretty but all true.

– A. Manuel –

Sadness comes in different ways
Some people think it’s only losing a family member.
But sometimes:
It’s leaving a place that you call home
It is leaving your nephew behind and not being able to see him grow. Or when you call him he doesn’t remember you anymore.
It’s waking up in the morning and not see the sun.
It’s going to school, study hard and not making it.

Expressing my soul through art
Passion when pen touches paper.
Art appears like rain from a cloud.
Flow of this pen, flows out my emotions.
With the boldest word it writes,
Emotions shine through with every letter written.
Create a symphony of harmony.
Powerful poetic melodies blending.
Thought can be the danger at the wrong time.
Feeling sad is not bad,
Joy comes in the morning.

– HAN Huntu –

Met dank aan de HAN Huntu-community.

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